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Adhesion Breakdown at Floreat Chiropractic

shoulder rubWhen patients come into the practice with pain, our doctors find the root cause and create a plan unique to their needs. One of the therapies proven helpful is adhesion breakdown. Although more common in sports-related injuries, any muscle or nerve may be affected.

What is Adhesion Breakdown?

During our initial testing, we may find lumps in the muscle, or maybe a spot where you’re really sore and jumpy. Movement may be restricted, and flexibility and function are compromised. Your doctor explains how scar tissue accumulates in layers, making a big block of scar tissue. This block keeps the muscle fibres from sliding along each other as they should, placing a burden on the rest of the muscle to do the work, eventually causing pain.

We work to break down these adhesions using soft tissue therapy. The chiropractor holds their thumb in position next to the block and begins to stretch the muscle and/or nerve beyond the thumb. Starting with the most restricted area, we continue to stretch the muscle until testing reveals the adhesion has been cleared.

Your chiropractor will continue this process until all adhesions have been cleared, and you’re moving well. At this point, you will receive guidance on how to strengthen the muscles to hold the corrections better and longer. Athletes, at all levels, and weekend warriors tend to experience better results than those who are not active.

What Are Some Benefits?

This is a specific targeted therapy, with relief seen in as little as 3-6 visits. Patients have experienced benefits such as increased movement and decreased pain. A reduction in headaches and migraines, better sleep, weakness, numbing and tingling have also been noted.

Get Back in Action

Adhesion breakdown is great for getting you out of pain and back in action. Start living the life you love once more–play with your kids, finish daily activities, and enjoy better health! Contact Floreat Chiropractic to find out more.


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