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Low Back Pain

woman with low back painBack pain is common—but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Many people turn to invasive surgeries and harsh medications, which come with all kinds of side effects.

Chiropractic care provides a natural answer by finding and responding to the root cause of pain, limited motion, and dysfunction. Whether you’ve been living in pain for years or experienced a sudden injury caused by bending over to put on your shoes, we may help you get out of pain so you can get back to what you love in life.

Bringing You Hope and Relief

Low back pain can come from many mechanical causes. At Floreat Chiropractic, we have devised a specific testing protocol that allows us to directly target the tissues that are likely causing your experience of pain. Our methodical, step-by-step evaluation eliminates every possible contributing factor and gives us a precise picture of which key changes your body needs to achieve maximum health.

We’ll continue to assess your progress over time to ensure you’re improving the way we expect. Feel free to continue moving, exercising, and strengthening your muscles as much as possible during your recovery time. The more active you are in the healing process, the more success you’re likely to see.

Caring for Sciatica From Every Angle

Many patients with pain in the lower back also experience sciatica, or pain that reaches down into the lower hip, glutes, or leg. This happens when the sciatic nerve that exits the spine becomes trapped and inflamed, causing shooting pain down one side.

For patients with sciatica, we often find a second nerve in the glutes or hamstring, which has also become irritated and tense, causing pain. Our job is to clear up the nerve pressure in the glutes and leg, as well as the source of nerve problems in the lower spine. By addressing pain at every location, we help you heal faster and enjoy priceless relief.

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