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Poor Posture

teen with neck pain using mobile phoneWalking, sitting, and standing might be the last thing you think about day-to-day. How you move and hold yourself, however, has a tremendous impact on your health. We’re seeing more and more posture problems at Floreat Chiropractic as our fast-paced, high-tech society has many people more focused on checking their email and notifications than checking their flexibility and range of motion.

Dr Patrick works to both correct the alignment of your spine and joints and help you improve your everyday posture. We empower you to make simple lifestyle changes with a dramatic impact so pain doesn’t come back down the track.

Restoring Your Muscles and Joints

If you spend significant amounts of time staring down at a screen, you’re likely setting yourself up for “tech neck.” This condition is defined by carrying your head too far forward and losing the natural curve in your neck. Poor posture puts tremendous stress on the vertebrae in your neck as they strain to support the weight of your head at an unnatural angle. Tech neck can lead not only to neck pain but also to nerve irritation, causing pain and symptoms anywhere in your body.

Many people regularly roll their shoulders forward, which puts pressure on the spine. We also see a lot of hip imbalances and irregular walking patterns. All of these issues can cause chronic pain in several different areas as your muscles try to compensate, pulling your joints out of alignment.

Building Better Habits, One Step at a Time

During every new patient’s first appointment, a full posture analysis is undergone. We take careful measurements to determine the exact degree of dysfunction at every point. Over time, we’ll track your progress to make sure you’re meeting your goals and achieving full restoration.

As our patients improve their posture and maintain it long-term, they tend to experience less pain, fewer symptoms, better movement, and increased flexibility. We want to help you feel your best from head to toe, without having to rely on medication.

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