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man with head painHeadaches can have many causes, making them extra challenging to resolve. Dr Patrick Pugliese has extensive experience working with headaches of all kinds. He knows how to assess both your physical condition, as well as any genetic or lifestyle factors contributing to pain.

By starting with a detailed analysis and diagnosis, we help find the full picture of what’s causing the problem. From there, we’ll help you tackle dysfunction at the root and restore you to the life you love.

Natural, Long-Lasting Relief

For most patients, restricted movement in the upper neck is one of the primary factors causing headaches. During your first appointment at Floreat Chiropractic, we’ll run through several key tests to confirm whether we’re dealing with a neck-related headache. Even if your pain comes from a medical condition we don’t provide care for, we can provide a clear diagnosis and refer you in the right direction.

If you have misalignments, stiffness, or poor positioning in the neck, we’ll use various techniques to restore your neck to wellness. We may need to break down any scar tissue or adhesions in the area. Adjustments also play a critical role in ensuring that the joints in your upper vertebrae are moving as well as they can.

Our goal is to take pressure off the muscles and nerves, so they can function at 100%, without any stress or interference. Once your nerves are performing correctly, you should feel pain start clearing up on its own as your body reconnects with its ability to heal.

The Road to Healing

Every patient’s timeline to wellness is different. While you may experience relief during your appointment, we focus primarily on long-term health. It can take several visits to respond to the underlying issues causing dysfunction, and make sure you’re not stuck facing the same pain again soon afterwards.

Let Go of Tension Today

Pain is never normal. Schedule an appointment, so we can start helping you get your life back.


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