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Sports Injuries

golfer swingWhen you’re hitting the game hard, accidents and injuries can happen in a flash. A proper recovery is critical not only for getting back into action as soon as possible, but also for avoiding long-term dysfunction. At Floreat Chiropractic, we provide quality sports care to bring your body back to maximum performance and set you up for ideal health far into the future.

Professional, Personalised Care

Sports injuries are often related to either overuse or trauma. Dr Patrick starts with a detailed, one-on-one assessment. We’ll talk to you about your condition and what factors may have contributed to the issue. It’s possible that faulty movement patterns or improper form are partially to blame. In this case, we’ll teach you better habits to reduce your risk of re-injury.

Correct management of both acute and chronic dysfunction is necessary to provide the best outcome. We’ll work with you in the clinic and equip you to invest in your own recovery at home, so you can return to your sport as soon as possible.

Heal Faster and Stronger Than Ever

Dr Patrick is an experienced athlete with a broad working knowledge of caring for various sports injuries. We use numerous researched-backed techniques to help the body heal faster and better. Depending on your unique condition, we may recommend extremity adjustments, shockwave therapy, or scar tissue breakdown, in addition to regular chiropractic care.

Our care isn’t just for back or neck pain. We have experience working with pain, injury, limited movement, and dysfunction from the feet and ankles all the way up to your head. We can provide the same reliable care for any part of the body that needs a little extra attention.

Connect With Our Team Today

Not sure if we can assist you? Please call the clinic and ask! One of our practitioners will gladly discuss your injury to determine if we’re a good fit for your needs.


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