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Battling the lurgy?

So…you’ve caught the latest office (or kid) bug? You’ve got a raspy, sore throat, congested sinuses, the dreaded body aches and what is starting to feel like the mother of all headaches…not sure what to do? What you need is a plan and some high-quality natural medicine, such as the Metagenics products which you can find on our product shelf.

We recommend the following 3 Metagenics supplements to help you feeling like your old self again.

  1. Andro NK: Ingredients (Andrographis) in Andro NK help reduce the symptoms and duration of colds and stimulate the body’s natural immune responses.
  2. Meta Zinc with Vitamin C: Meta Zinc with Vitamin C helps to prevent zinc deficiency, reduces the severity and duration of colds and is easily absorbed with little side effects, such as nausea. It’s high strength, great tasting, and suitable for use in children.
  3. Super Mushroom Complex: Traditionally, ingredients in Super Mushroom Complex have been shown to enhance the strength and function of the immune system and provide symptomatic relief of upper respiratory tract infections including mucus congestion. The powder is actually pretty nice tasting!